Galleria00 - Damiano Bertoli - fotografo per passione in continua evoluzione

fotografo per passione in continua evoluzione
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what the hell look

Lailani 05

Lailani 15

Burano 07


Mosque of Hassan II

Morocco 02

Morocco 01

last boarding

Lisbona 02

indifferent spectators

Silence Bay

end cleaning

He and his music

night glow

the industry 01

the awakening of Daisy

the industry 02

Tuscan countryside

the worker dreamer

show shared


a particular sky

liguria surf 07

the workers voyeurs

naval eclips

the industry 06

loneliness chaotic

worry bombastic

natural entertainment

in an old wine cellar

stripes and rust

stone look

multi moon

hurry up guy...go home!

rain of leaves

misterious presence

help me...i'm here

sacred or profane?

Sestri Levante

the key

the welder 01

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